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Tweet my Share and I’ll Share your Tweet (does that even make sense?)

14 Dec

Wow, sounds like 2011 will be another awesome and great year for everybody, hoping you’ll share everything you do with the rest of the world, as you might not have the choice anymore. Anyway, having a look to that map, sounds like the world won’t get rid of those media for a long long time (indefinite I might say, but nothing’s really indefinite as, you know…nothing really is).

I found this document really amazing because it really emphasizes 7 “regions” (or categories) where you can find several websites that strive to provide whatever you’re asking for. Interesting fact: Facebook is not even in one of those categories as it manages to grab the full attention (with Google). Facebook being the third most populated country in the world, It can grab the full attention by itself.

Among those, everyone (businesses or individuals) can be lost because there is way too many websites at some point, and some of them are very similar to each other.

Apparently, I’m using 10 of those websites on a regular basis…am I a social media addict or just a person who loves to socialize???

from Frédéric Cavazza, http://www.mediassociaux.com/2010/12/13/panorama-des-medias-sociaux-2011/

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