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Pictures: Check / Comments: Check / Foursquare: Check(in)

22 Dec

We were waiting for that changing to happen and the NYC crew did it. YES we can. YES we can now upload and share pictures on Foursquare when checking in at different locations. It took them a couple of months (at least) but still, never too late.

Only available through the iPhone App (currently working on the others mobile operating system) it allows every single Foursquare users to share a picture taken at a specific location when the user check-in.

From now on, you can publish a picture when you check in somewhere or when you want to leave a tip about a specific location. Plus, you can now comment on the check-in of your friends. Foursquare tries to socialize itself to face Facebook Places and others Geo-localization App such as Gowalla.

Comments and Pictures were definitely the next step Foursquare needed to reach.

I’m pretty sure that its 4 5 Millions users are now happy and relieved (I am)