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25 Dec



I need to tag my…nevermind it’s already done

24 Dec

Got 300 pictures of your wedding that you want to share on the most amazing and social website of all: Facebook. The problem is, you don’t want to tag every single person one by one like a billion time. Solution???????

GUESS WHAT, Facebook has THE solution (Facebook always has “THE” solution).

In the forthcoming months, Facebook will set up a new “app” that, if the user allows it, Facebook will automatically generate and tag your friends on the album you’ve just created.

Great idea, you would (or wish…doesn’t really matter).

The good thing: you can say NO, which is normal, but in Zuckerberg’s world…

If you want to have a positive/good/awesome/great image on Facebook, you obviously hate people that always tag you on shitty pictures, especially the one that makes your mommy and daddy cry (am I going too far???). You can block any tags from any friend and, obviously, you will be able to block you friends using the Facebook‘s “Pictures Tag Destroyer”.

What do you think about that automatic-tag-pics thing? Sounds like a great idea to a certain extent but, again, Facebook really wants to be at the heart of every human being…when are they going to stop? Never?…

Pictures: Check / Comments: Check / Foursquare: Check(in)

22 Dec

We were waiting for that changing to happen and the NYC crew did it. YES we can. YES we can now upload and share pictures on Foursquare when checking in at different locations. It took them a couple of months (at least) but still, never too late.

Only available through the iPhone App (currently working on the others mobile operating system) it allows every single Foursquare users to share a picture taken at a specific location when the user check-in.

From now on, you can publish a picture when you check in somewhere or when you want to leave a tip about a specific location. Plus, you can now comment on the check-in of your friends. Foursquare tries to socialize itself to face Facebook Places and others Geo-localization App such as Gowalla.

Comments and Pictures were definitely the next step Foursquare needed to reach.

I’m pretty sure that its 4 5 Millions users are now happy and relieved (I am)

Facebook and Twitter: Overview of their 2010 Social Demographics

21 Dec

Everyone knows how powerful Facebook and Twitter are, both in terms of users and money they make everyday (do not even try to figure out how much they make).

Who are they? Where do they come from? How much do they make everyday? What’s their education?

The answer is below, thanks to that amazing social demographics overview of the 2 most powerful social media. I found that quite interesting, and you can have a fresh look on how the users are divided and fit into each categories.

Twitter mostly used by College Grad and College Students, Facebook has 41% of its users that login everyday.

Have a look

Tweet my Share and I’ll Share your Tweet (does that even make sense?)

14 Dec

Wow, sounds like 2011 will be another awesome and great year for everybody, hoping you’ll share everything you do with the rest of the world, as you might not have the choice anymore. Anyway, having a look to that map, sounds like the world won’t get rid of those media for a long long time (indefinite I might say, but nothing’s really indefinite as, you know…nothing really is).

I found this document really amazing because it really emphasizes 7 “regions” (or categories) where you can find several websites that strive to provide whatever you’re asking for. Interesting fact: Facebook is not even in one of those categories as it manages to grab the full attention (with Google). Facebook being the third most populated country in the world, It can grab the full attention by itself.

Among those, everyone (businesses or individuals) can be lost because there is way too many websites at some point, and some of them are very similar to each other.

Apparently, I’m using 10 of those websites on a regular basis…am I a social media addict or just a person who loves to socialize???

from Frédéric Cavazza,


You wanna change the world?

12 Dec

Jumo, created by one of the co-founder of Facebook, enhance the relashionship towards issues and projects that matter and the ones you feel connected to. You want to follow the American Red Cross, participate in the debate on HIV to learn about any change happening everyday.

This is only the Beta Version but it gives us an idea onwhere Jumo wants to go and what will be the purpose of …well I might let you tell me what you think the purpose is.

Because, besides  following a certain issue or association, I’m not sure what you can get out of that concept. It is obviously interesting to follow something that you really like and that matters a lot, but that is all. To a certain extent, you can also donate to several associations or issues and also help them.

Check the look and how the profile page looks like.

Howdy world!

11 Dec

How the world is doing today? Globalized and connected right?

Well, guess I’m not the only one.

That blog will enhance social medias, their use, what you do and not do, and the diverse news and updates.

Be careful: student point of view. However, I might have the reasonable age to talk about those subjects.

Let’s see what I can get

Starting with that