I need to tag my…nevermind it’s already done

24 Dec

Got 300 pictures of your wedding that you want to share on the most amazing and social website of all: Facebook. The problem is, you don’t want to tag every single person one by one like a billion time. Solution???????

GUESS WHAT, Facebook has THE solution (Facebook always has “THE” solution).

In the forthcoming months, Facebook will set up a new “app” that, if the user allows it, Facebook will automatically generate and tag your friends on the album you’ve just created.

Great idea, you would (or wish…doesn’t really matter).

The good thing: you can say NO, which is normal, but in Zuckerberg’s world…

If you want to have a positive/good/awesome/great image on Facebook, you obviously hate people that always tag you on shitty pictures, especially the one that makes your mommy and daddy cry (am I going too far???). You can block any tags from any friend and, obviously, you will be able to block you friends using the Facebook‘s “Pictures Tag Destroyer”.

What do you think about that automatic-tag-pics thing? Sounds like a great idea to a certain extent but, again, Facebook really wants to be at the heart of every human being…when are they going to stop? Never?…


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